Class of 2015: There is still time to apply for these excellent college scholarship opportunities through The Ohio Council of Community Schools (PAOH’s school sponsor). The deadline has been extended! See below for requirements and how to apply!

·         Scholarship Application for a 4-year University or College

o   Eligibility:

a.       Attended an OCCS-affiliated community school (grade school or high school);

b.      A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher;

c.       Completed a standardized admissions test (ACT or SAT); and,

d.      Completed the 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

o   Learn more & apply:

·         Scholarship Application for a 2-year Community College or Technical College

o   Eligibility:

a.       Attended an OCCS-affiliated community school (grade school or high school);

b.      A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher;

c.       Completed the 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and,

d.      A demonstrated interest in the field in which the candidate is pursuing training.

o   Learn more & apply:

Explore your career options – it’s never too early to start mapping out your life and thinking about your future occupation!


On this site you can take an interest survey, find upcoming job fairs and workshops all over Ohio, search possible occupations, potential earnings and even create a budget for living on your own!

  • Click on the red bird icon labeled K-12 Students
  • Create an online backpack so you can save your information and view it later
  • Start exploring!

Have you ever thought it might be fun to have a pen pal? Or perhaps you have had one in the past and want to try it out again? Well here's your chance! Provost Academy Ohio is teaming up with Best Buddies - a non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. Best Buddies consists of many programs, one of them being e-buddies, that's where you come in! E-buddies is a an e-mail pen pal program that provides opportunities for e-mail friendships between people with intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD) and their peers who do not have IDD.

The e-buddies program is FREE to both students with IDD and students without IDD from ages 10-18. And if you are under 13, you must complete the application with a parent or guardian. If you are over 18 and are interested in this program, please contact Ms. Maurer.

E-buddies is a fun and safe way to make a new friend. Each participant is matched in a one-to-one email friendship - exchanging emails once a week. Matches are based on similar age, gender, shared interests and geography (participants will NOT be matched with someone from the same state). Click the below links for more information, to check out the safety measures and to apply online!

Learn more about e-buddies:

Safety Measures:

Apply online: (click 1. if you have IDD, click 2. if you do not)

In order to maintain state compliance with our student records, we need for each student to complete and return an Emergency Medical Form. These forms are due by Tuesday, February 10th and can be faxed to the school office at 614-441-8433 or emailed directly to your advisor. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

State Testing:

State Standardized testing in Ohio has changed this year and we want our families to be in the know! Below is a schedule of testing dates, grade levels and subjects for the upcoming PARCC assessments and OGTs. There will be PAOH testing sites in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Your Advisor will be in touch in regards to specific times and locations - these are just the dates.

Performance Based Tests (midterm):

February 23-24 (regular testing) and February 25-26 (make-up testing): Language Arts (6th - 9th grade students), Math (6th - 9th grade students).

March 2-3 (regular testing) and March 4-5 (make-up testing): Science (8th - 9th grade students), Social Studies (6th and 9th grade students).

End of Course/End of Year Tests (final):

April 13-14 (regular testing) and April 15-16 (make-up testing): Language Arts (6th-9th grade students), Math (6th-9th grade students).

May 4-5 (regular testing) and May 6-7 (make-up testing): Science (8th-9th grade students),  Social Studies (6th and 9th grade students), American Government (10th-12th grade students), American History (10th-12th grade students).

OGT's - March 16-20 (regular testing) and March 23-25 (make-up testing): Spring testing is for current Sophomores and any 11th or 12th grade students whom still needs to pass one or more parts of the test.

Here is a link to learn more:

–by Provost Academy Ohio Executive Director Dr. Patricia Parker

Before I took the helm of Ohio’s online school for inspired learning, I was a virtual school mom. So I understand questions that come to mind when parents approach the idea of educating their children outside of the traditional brick and mortar schools.

Here are 5 things you need to know when considering online education for your child.

1.       Log on: Make sure you know how to log in to the PAOH portal to look at how much time your student spends on daily assignments and monitor their work progress. If you aren’t sure, contact your child’s advisor.

2.       Know the players: Familiarize yourself with the contacts for your specific needs – from the teachers and advisors to the administrators – know the best way to reach them for questions or feedback. You will see contact info in the portal, or see a list of our staff.

Links to resources:

3.       Create a routine: Sit down with your student and create a routine for accomplishing assignments on a daily basis. Create a general and flexible schedule to guide your child’s online learning.

4.       Get active: Watch for our weekly E-Newsletter, and check out our Facebook page and school announcements for a range of local activities such as:  monthly field trips, social events and other fun and educational outings for your student to participate in, and stay involved.

5.        Get connected: There are plenty of ways for parents and students to connect with other Provost students and families. Examples can be found with parent-centric webinars and online student communities like ComicCon and Lego dialogue groups.  Check out our Edmodo groups at

View All Executive Director Blog Entries

Patti ParkerProvost Academy Ohio’s new Executive Director brings a wealth of educational knowledge to her role as head of the school.

But even with more than 20 years combined in the classroom and in school administration, Dr. Patricia Parker’s experience as the mom of an online high school student likely will be key in her decision making.

“I’ve been where a lot of parents have been with the questions, the concerns, the celebrations, the challenges,” Dr. Parker explained. “I’m really hoping to use that experience as a parent in helping other folks see the advantage of online schooling.”

Because of that, she counts herself as a true believer in the online learning movement.

“A lot of times, the institutional nature of public education is not going to be equipped to reach those kids that really, really need that personal touch,” Dr. Parker said. “This job puts all of my skills into play and serves those populations that get overlooked.”

And she has set the goal of boosting enrollment, hoping to use the reach and influence of the PAOH family to encourage other families to join.

“I want to see 100 percent of our parents willing to recommend us to someone,” Dr. Parker said. “We’re looking at doubling our enrollment over the next year.”

That also means, as Provost enters its second year in Ohio, a greater effort must go into getting the word out in a way that sets the school apart from other virtual schools in the state.

“Ohio is lucky to have had online learning as an option,” she said. “But we need to have our name heard. We need to promote ourselves … to say, ‘here’s Provost’s decade-long academic record.”

So, with just over a week on the job, Dr. Parker has begun to churn the outreach efforts, connecting with brick-and-mortar high school guidance counselors and making plans to engage the different business communities across the state for help with establishing corporate mentors.

“A lot of times we hear that kids aren’t prepared for the job market,” Dr. Parker said. “We want to pair them with smart business people who can change that.”

Dr. Parker began her professional education career as a social studies teacher at Findlay High School; and later served as a special education intervention specialist at Kettering-Fairmont High School, and at Lakota East High School in West Chester, Ohio.

She also has extensive experience in school administration in Ohio and Kentucky as a Principal and Assistant Principal; as well as in numerous roles including Special Education Director, Director of Talented and Gifted, Curriculum Supervisor, and Assistant Superintendent.

In addition, Dr. Parker developed and implemented “best practice” workshops for the Ohio Department of Education.

Dr. Parker received her Ed. D. and M. Ed. graduate degrees in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Cincinnati; her B.S. degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio; and a Special Education Certification from the University of Findlay.

Despite her years in administration, she said she draws a lot from her experience in the classroom for her leadership philosophy.

“As an administrator, my job is to make sure that the teachers have what they need to provide for the kids,” Dr. Parker said. “I found that as a classroom teacher, when I knew that I had a resource in the school administration, it made my teaching responsibilities easier. So, externally, I look like an administrator. But really, I’m a procurement specialist for the teachers.”

And she said she learned a valuable lesson as the parent of a virtual high school student.

When Dr. Parker’s daughter transitioned from a small, traditional school district to one of Ohio’s virtual high schools at age 16, she said she immediately faced a new set of concerns.

“I encouraged her to reach out to teachers and take ownership of her education,” she said of her daughter. “When we were at the traditional schools, I had people solicit me for communication. But when my daughter stepped out into online school, that communication stopped.”

When her daughter had questions, Dr. Parker said help could take days, and even weeks to arrive.

“She would run into a stumbling block and she would send a help email out to a teacher,” she said. “While she was waiting for the help email, it’s frustrating to wait for the feedback and then she began to get embarrassed that she had to wait.

“It was not uncommon for her to get behind a week … two weeks … three weeks before I had any communication from the school. It should never, ever, ever have gone that long.”

Dr. Parker said she won’t let that happen at PAOH.

“When I talk with the advisers and the teachers, I tell them, ‘Don’t wait,’” she said. “If it has been two days and that child has not logged on or completed work, there better be a phone call home.”

Adopting such a proactive attitude, Dr. Parker said, helps to calm parents who often are working hands-on with their children’s virtual learning.

“That takes a lot of worry and concerns that the parents have off the plate,” she said.

Dr. Parker said her overall goal is to promote a learning environment that brings the Provost families together, despite their many differences that expand beyond just geography.

“We want to provide field trips and parent forums,” she said. “We want to personalize it and make people feel like they’re part of a community, not just an online institution.”


Here are some personal tidbits about Dr. Patricia Parker

  1. What gadget can you not live without?

A coffee maker

  1. What is your favorite movie of all time?

“The Blues Brothers”

  1. Who was your childhood hero?

I never had one as a child… as an adult, it’s Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. What are three items you would take on a deserted island?

My Tom Clancy collection, My iPod’s entire musical library, and Sunblock, SPF 100+

  1. What is your personal motto or favorite quote?

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” -Lao Tzu

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.”  -Lao Tzu

  1. How do you define success?

By not only knowing that you have accomplished your goals, but that you have enabled others to do the same

  1. What's your favorite holiday and why?

Halloween (Do you really have to ask, “why”?)!

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Fiji… the weather, the water, the people… it would be a one-way ticket.

  1. Tell us something funny about yourself that only your family and friends know?

Without my GPS, I would be absolutely lost. I have a complete inability to get from Point A to Point B without specific directions. My ability to get lost, even with assistance, is legendary.



Education is about growth and moving forward.

So when we talk about inspired learning at Provost Academy Ohio, we believe in backing up our words.

Monday begins our “Get Inspired” Week when we will invite our students to begin or continue to reach for that dream that they’ve chased since joining our online learning environment.

Or maybe our students will find an opportunity to seek that personal goal that has evaded them, or ponder the path to their personal purpose in life.

 For five days, PAOH will be dedicated to helping students navigate their futures:

  • Monday: Finding your inspiration – Browse through the “Ted Talks” web site for videos that can stir that drive to achieve at the next level of life.
  • Tuesday: Military & Service Day – Learn about the various careers available with the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Wednesday: Career Day & Exploration – Start mapping out your future occupation or take a virtual visit to learn about careers at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.
  • Thursday: College Readiness Day – If higher education is in your future, start planning now with resources aimed at helping you get prepared.
  • Friday: Career Day “in the field” – Get live work experience with a virtual field trip and STEM career overview at the Alcoa Aluminum plant, or job shadow someone working in a field of your interest.

While we encourage you to get as much from this week as you can, the inspiration doesn’t stop there. Building for the future is a daily part of inspired learning at Provost Academy.

Attention: Our school office has moved! We are still in Columbus and have just moved a few miles away! Our new address is 1335 Dublin Road, Suite 50A Columbus, OH 43215. The school office phone number has not changed and we can still be reached at 614-866-7570. Please call us with any questions or concerns!

Patricia Parker Named Executive Director of State-wide Online School Serving Grades 6-12

Columbus, OH (August 4, 2014) --- Patricia Parker, brings not only her twenty-plus years of experience in education as both an administrator and teacher; but also her leadership and vision in the use of online education and alternative learning options for students seeking a more personalized academic experience to her new role as Executive Director of Provost Academy Ohio.

"I joined Provost Academy Ohio because of its commitment to students pursuing their personal best in the midst of a community of learners where lasting friendships can be built.”  Dr. Parker said.  “We want each student to have a personalized experience and we want to help connect them with each other, with mentors, and with opportunities to explore their interests."

Dr. Parker began her professional education career as a social studies teacher at Findlay High School; and later served as a special education intervention specialist at Kettering-Fairmont High School, and at Lakota East High School in West Chester, Ohio.

She also has extensive experience in school administration in Ohio and Kentucky as a Principal and Assistant Principal; as well as in numerous roles including: Special Education Director, Director of Talented and Gifted, Curriculum Supervisor, and Assistant Superintendent.  In addition, Dr. Parker developed and implemented “best practice” workshops for the Ohio Department of Education.

Dr. Parker received her Ed. D. and M. Ed. graduate degrees in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Cincinnati; her B.S. degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio; and a Special Education Certification from the University of Findlay.

“Today’s students learn much differently than students did just ten years ago,” Dr. Parker observed, “and not every student learns the same way, or is successful in a traditional school setting.” “Interaction with technology - be it computers, the internet, or cell phones – students are clearly benefitting from an education, like the one they receive at Provost Academy, that utilizes stimulating virtual curriculum designed specifically for them.”

In contrast to other online learning programs, Provost Academy Ohio offers a robust, state-of-the-art curriculum with a strong base in math, science and technology, designed to be engaging, fun and targeted to multiple learning style.  All courses can be adapted to fit a student’s individual needs, and content can be rearranged and customized for the individual student. Also, parents and students can easily monitor learning progress, assignments, and grades at a glance on their own personal home page. 

Interested students in grades 6 through 12 can enroll in Provost Academy Ohio for the school year starting this fall online at or by phone at 888-262-1052.

Attention Provost Academy students & families! The state is requiring that we receive updated forms from all returning students for the 2014/2015 school year. Please find attached a Family Income Form that needs to be returned by August 15th. We will also need a new Proof of Residency document to have on file; you can send a utility bill, mortgage or lease agreement. Please call the school office if you have any questions at 614-866-7570.

Provost Academy Ohio’s first of many graduation ceremonies was held on Saturday, June 14th in Columbus, Ohio. There were five Provost Academy Ohio seniors who received their High School Diploma. Of the five graduates, two participated in the commencement ceremony; Ava Lanning and Heather Tenkman (pictured below, with Ava in the left two photos and Heather in the right two photos). Their hard work and dedication during their last year as High School students is unmatched and the Provost Academy Ohio teachers and staff could not be more proud. We want to take a moment to recognize all five students and congratulate them on their accomplishments and wish them continued success in their next phase of life.

Tanner Bowling

Ava Lanning

Sarah Loudner

Max Ratliff

Heather Tenkman

Ava Lanning photo 1 Ava Lanning photo 2 Heather Tenkman photo 1 Heather Tenkman photo 2

(Click to view the full size version.)

Join us on Sunday, October 12th at Huntington Park in Columbus, OH as we walk to raise money for Autism Speaks. Check in starts at 8:30AM and the walk will begin promptly at 11AM. You can donate and register for the walk by joining the PAOH Team here:


One of the great things about being a student at Provost Academy is that you can "go" to school anywhere that you can access the internet. Just pack up your laptop and head to a park bench, turn on your mobile wi-fi device, and you're "going" to school! So, we are asking you - where do you Provost? Send us a picture of where you like to do your schoolwork (along with a short sentence telling us why) and receive a special surprise in the mail!

Photos from Mad River Mountain -



Join us for snow tubing at Mad River Mountain (1000 Snow Valley Rd. Zanesfield, Oh 43360) on February 13 from 4:00 - 7:30 PM! There are free tickets available for those who have already signed up and the next 6 students to RSVP; after that, cost is $12/student. If you have parents, friends or family that would like to join us, they are more than welcome. The cost will be $12/every non-PAOH student. Please RSVP to Mrs. Maurer at or call (513) 461-5352. 

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early and meet at the Snow Tubing Park (just up the hill from the Ski Lodge).

This is a great opportunity to meet your peers, staff members and get out and have FUN!  We will be providing pizza for everyone for dinner, too!


When and Where:  Thursday, January 30th from 4-7 pm at the PAOH office at 4707 Hilton Corporate Drive Columbus, OH 43232

What:  Provost Academy Ohio is hosting an Open House in the spirit of National School Choice Week!

Come join us for food and fun!  Meet and greet our staff, teachers and other PAOH students while helping us raise awareness on the need for effective education options for all children. Learn more about School Choice Week here.


And check out the photos from the Open House on January 30 below!  We had a great time!

Provost Academy Ohio went on a visit to the University of Dayton to tour the campus, meet with Professors and complete orientation for our Post-Secondary Enrollment students!

Pictured is PAOH High School Student Brittany Beecher, with UD Professor Dr. Brahler, in the registration office getting Brittany’s University of Dayton ID badge!



University of Dayton logoProvost Academy Ohio logo





Provost Academy Ohio, in partnership with the University of Dayton, will offer students an opportunity to participate in a Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program where qualified students can earn University of Dayton credit for successfully completing two courses, Therapeutic Dosing in the Health Sciences and Nutrition & Health.  The courses will be offered to Provost Academy Ohio students beginning with the 3rd grading period (January 27th) and the 4th grading period (April 14th).

Spring Semester Calendar

January 10, 2014               Last day to register for classes

January 17, 2014               Last day to register "late" (no penalty)

April 25, 2014                    Last day of the semester

May 6, 2014                      Grades are due

HSS 115 Introduction to Therapeutic Dosing in the Health Sciences (3 credit hour course)

Examination of the direct relationship of dosage calculations in the health sciences. Emphasis is on the transfer of basic mathematics skills to application and problem solving in the health sciences.

HSS 295 Nutrition & Health (3 credit hour course)

Study of the nutrient needs of humans and of their choices as modified by socioeconomic, cultural, and life cycle factors.

To learn about how you can enroll in the PSEO Program at Provost Academy Ohio, please visit the link below:

The Columbus Fire Department is recruiting!  If you're a graduating senior who is interested in this opportunity to be of service to the community, please check out this opportunity at their website, and then check out the selection process and requirements in this document!

Check out photos from our last several events on the What's Happening at Provost Academy page!

Provost Academy Ohio Parent-Student Handbook for 2013-2014:

Download a copy of the current PAOH Parent-Student Handbook.

September 1 prizewinnerJake Davidson won our first place raffle prize today at the Dayton Dragons game...drum roll iPad!!! It pays off to visit us at our great events!